Silver Birch Nomination!

FITZ_Clutch_Cover.FNLYesterday was a huge day.

The Ontario Library Association (OLA) announced its Forest of Reading nominations, and Clutch was one of ten nominees for the Silver Birch!!!

If you don’t know about the Forest of Reading program, here are a few things to get your started:

  • A celebration of Canadian authors, books and publishers.
  • Canada’s largest recreational reading program.
  • More than 250,000 students participate, reading books from their age category and selecting their favourite.
  • 10,000 students will be on hard at the Festival of Trees in May to find out the winners, meet the authors and participate in workshops.

This is an amazing honour, and I can’t thank the OLA enough for selecting Clutch as a 2018 Silver Birch nominee.

To see the video announcement by Wesley King, click here.

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