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Be sure to check out the Dig Deeper section of this website for lots of background information — from videos to timelines to Pinterest boards — related to The Other Side, What If Soldiers Fought with Pillows? and Clutch.


In my presentations, I aim to entertain and educate, leaving the audience interested in writing fiction and nonfiction as well as looking into their own history for inspiration.


I engage students with a fun and interactive presentation. After a reading, I share the inspiration for my books and the challenges of writing works that delve into history. I touch on the basics of fiction and/or nonfiction and how to get writing! 

Presentations are one hour with question period and suitable for Grade 3 and up. Presentations for high school students, educators and the general public can be adapted to audience and interest.


Workshops are available for 16 or so participants, or a single classroom.

Topics include:

  • Look no further: A simple moment can kickstart the writing process. Students choose a moment in their own lives or family history and turn it into a work of fiction. Based on the novels Clutch and The Other Side.
  • Painting peace: After learning about Picasso’s Guernica, students work together to create their own anti-war mural for school. Based on the book What If Soldiers Fought With Pillows?
  • All the news: Students learn about different types of articles, how to research and interview, and then write their own nonfiction work. Based on the book What If Soldiers Fought with Pillows? and the novel Clutch.
  • Customized topic: I can tailor a workshop to your needs and audience, including educators and the general public. Please contact me for more details.

Workshops are one hour with question period and suitable for Grade 3 and up.

Items I will need

      • Microphone
      • Screen and projector
      • Small table
      • Flip chart and markers
      • Paper and pencils (for workshops)
      • Paint, brushes and craft paper (for peace workshop)

My rates: $250/one session, $450/two sessions, $650/three sessions, $800/full day in the same school or area, plus travel expenses outside of Toronto (unless I am in your city at the time). Virtual visits are $150. HST applies to all visits.

Do note that I am a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada. This means my school and/or library visits may be eligible for funding. For more information, visit the Ontario Writers-in-the-Schools Program or National Public Readings.

I look forward to working with you!


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