What does it mean to be a superhero?

This STEM/STEAM-related presentation, we’ll delve get into how science is turning us into superbeings – powering up our bodies with what we may not have been born with and what we may never have thought we’d need. We’ll discuss what those powers look like in the real world, based on the sections of Becoming Bionic. We’ll create our own superhero identities and answer the ultimate question: Cape or no cape.

Stand up and speak out

In this social-justice presentation we’ll bring the Dreyfus Affair to the present, beginning with a quote from Captain Alfred Dreyfus: “My only crime is to have been born a Jew.” How would students fill in the last word of Captain Dreyfus’s quote to reflect their lives or world around them? We’ll discuss social justice, antisemitism, and discrimination; media literacy; and ways to stand up and speak out.

What if we could change the world?

Through a series of seemingly whimsical questions, this middle-grade nonfiction book introduces readers to people and organizations that are subverting violence, war, and totalitarian power.  In this social-justice presentation, we’ll discuss the importance of imagination and critical thinking, come up with alternatives to war and violence, create a set of What If…statements to share, and maybe even change the world!

Generally speaking…

In this rounded presentation, Heather begins with a discussion about her debut novel, Clutch, the inspiration and challenges of writing her first book, and the themes she developed as she went — including discrimination, heroism, poverty, family and baseball. She also discusses the basic elements of writing fiction and/or nonfiction, how to give stories life through research and why bringing the past to the present is so important.

Just the facts 

This nonfiction workshop delves into how to write a nonfiction book that makes tough subjects compelling and easy to understand all the while ensuring it sticks to the truth. Based on multiple nonfiction books.

Get activ-ist!

In this activist-minded workshop, we’ll start with the question “What cause would you defend…and how would you defend it?” We’ll discuss various forms of activism and what is important to students right now. We’ll come up with methods to get messages across and students will put ideas into action by creating a poster for their cause. Based on I Can’t Do What? and The Prisoner and the Writer.

A single object

In this writing workshop, we’ll discuss how a single object can inspire an entire world. Students will begin with an “item of interest” and learn how to add different layers — setting, storyline, character, big reveal — to build a short story.

Look no further

In this writing workshop, we’ll learn how a simple moment can kickstart the writing process. Students choose a moment in their own lives or family history and turn it into a work of fiction or nonfiction.

  • English or French.
  • All presentations include a reading, Q&A and activity is time and space allow.
  • In-person presentation: $300/one session, $550/two sessions, $800/three sessions. Virtual presentation: $300/one session, $500/two sessions. Plus HST.
  • 60 minutes, grades 3+.
  • Maximum presentation size: 100 for presentations; 30 for workshops.
  • Teacher and/or librarian must be present.
  • I am a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada. This means my school and/or library visits may be eligible for funding. For more information, visit the Ontario Writers-in-the-Schools Program or National Public Readings.
  • Customized topics: Heather can tailor workshops to your needs and audience, including educators and the general public. Her interests and writings range from history (World War 2, the Holocaust, 19th century France) to social justice (antisemitism, racism, advocacy, law, war) to sports (baseball, soccer) and media (bias, media literacy, fake news, arts and entertainment). Please contact Heather for more details.


When researching and writing, I create Pinterest boards for each book. Take a look for more visual information and educational materials.


 Dig Deeper into
The Other Side
Clutch and
What If Soldiers
Fought with Pillows?

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